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10 reasons why Gratitude guarantees you more income.

Whether you are working for somebody else, or run your own business, you need to practice gratitude daily if you are serious about increasing your income.

On the surface it might appear gratitude is just being grateful for what you have, and it’s easy to pay lip-service to this simple yet potent idea. Whilst this is true, you need to feel it. And to feel anything, it must be understood.

You need to understand what it is, and what it is not. Having spoken with countless people about their hopes and wishes, many have said ‘I am grateful for what I have’, but I’m not sure if they really feel it.

Gratitude is the feeling of gratefulness, thankfulness and appreciation towards everything in your life. Like every feeling, it must be cultivated. It’s very hard to ‘just be happy’ when your habitual mood is not happiness. It’s difficult to ‘calm down’ when you are constantly worrying.

Gratitude must be developed. And the pay off to develop this natural feeling of gratefulness will be seen in your bank account and I’m going to tell you why.

Gratitude allows you to focus on all the good in your life. From the smallest gesture to the biggest win, you will shift your focus to everything that’s good. This is paramount to identifying new opportunities to serve others, hence increasing your income.

  1. Gratitude is major ingredient in developing a positive attitude. When you are grateful, you are more hopeful, faithful, loving, and enthusiastic. These emotions are a necessity if you want to receive more money. If you were money, would you be attracted to fearful, greedy, jealous, angry people?

  2. To increase your income, you need to feel like there is an abundance of money in the world to allow for this and no limit on how much you can do.

  3. Gratitude focuses your mind on abundance and you start to feel abundant. You know you will be rewarded for your efforts!

  4. Gratitude is the gateway to faith. It is the starting point of confidence. Faith is understanding and acting with faith means to trust that your action will yield a return without any evidence of how it will happen. This is crucial as no one ever got rich inside the comfort zone!

  5. Gratitude helps you see that everything you have has been given to you, and everything you have has come from one power. Some call it God, others call it a higher power, but either way there is only one source. And this source is infinite. Why are YOU limiting your income?

  6. When you realise you are dealing with an infinite power, you stop competing and start creating. Creating is when you go the extra mile to make sure the other party always wins more than you do. You enrich your life by enriching the lives of other people!

  7. Gratitude helps you realise what you have to offer has no limit, only the limit you put on it. So it helps you grow so you can become more valuable to the marketplace, your self-worth is your net-worth!

  8. Gratitude connects you to the infinite power. It helps you see how you are limiting yourself by focusing on your past and current circumstances. Just because you’ve never earned €1m in a year, doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to it! It’s your right to be rich.

  9. Gratitude can help you focus on the riches you want in your life. You can visualise them and be thankful for them before they even happen. This will attract them!

  10. When you practice gratitude every day, you will observe that you are in control of your life, by what you focus on. The more grateful you become for money, the more money comes to you!

Read through these ten reasons again. They are guaranteed to help you increase your income, and they are totally in your control.

How do you cultivate this?

It’s simple. Remember the best things in life, really are free. You can access them with your mind!

Start by writing out 10 things you are grateful for every morning. You can start by focusing on what you are, or can do, or have. After each thing you’re grateful for, repeat aloud ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’, so you can hear your own voice being thankful.

Even as I’m writing this, the feeling of gratitude is swelling inside me, and it is such a loving feeling.

I’m going to tell you a brilliant secret which if you start doing will set fire to your gratitude.

Write out 5 things every day that you’re grateful for but have yet to happen. Like to have €100,000 in my bank account, to be the top salesman in my company, to have 100 paying clients on my books, to drive a new BMW X5, to live in my dream home, to have the most amazing husband/wife, etc.

Again, after each one repeat aloud, ‘thank you’, and feel as though it is your reality. It will shift your energy and your focus, and you will begin to attract these results into your life.

The end result here is that the feeling of gratitude will become your habitual feeling, and when it does, you will be inspired to give more value than you’ve ever given before. Keeping in mind that giving always precedes receiving; gratitude is guaranteed to increase your income. It is the law!

Try it for yourself!


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