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Are you sure it's more knowledge you need?

When you make a committed decision that you are going to achieve something big, like a build a business from scratch and leave the nine-to-five, you need faith.

Faith is the space between the things you can see and the things you can’t. Faith supports the transformation of the things unseen into the seen. e.g. your business going from an idea into a successful profitable enterprise.

Faith is understanding. Faith is the feeling of confidence that you are doing the right things for the right reasons, all the while knowing that everything will work out the way you expect it to, or better!

We need faith because we can’t always make sense of things and events in our life, especially when right in the moment.

Think of a carpenter building a house. They can see the timber; they can see the shape of the frame they need to build; they know what angles to cut, and they know what length. And when they join two timbers, they hammer nails into the timber using well-developed hand-eye coordination. It’s easy for us to see this and know what is happening, because it is very physical, and we understand the process.

But when it comes to things that are not easy to see, the ‘not-knowing’ how things are working out really cripples us. For many, the ‘not-knowing’ is so crippling, that they don’t even dream about building the business that would offer them time and money freedom.

For example, you decide you are going to build your own successful business, but you don’t have much money to invest into it, you know you don’t have all the skills, and you know you have a family to support.

For most people, the logical assumption here based on looking at their current situation, would be to give up. The reason this is the logical assumption for most, is because they don’t have faith. They don’t understand how things work.

But if you think about it for a moment, the first time anyone sets out to achieve something great that’s never been done before, they don’t know how they are going to do it. If these successful people were to look around their physical environment and let it make the decision to go for it or not, then the obvious thing to do would be quit before you begin.

But most your life is not experienced in the physical. Yea sure, you do have a body, but you experience most of your life through your mind. The mind consists of spirit and intellect. These are invisible states, the side of you that is unseen.

These inner invisible states, inside of you, determine what your outer physical experiences will be. This is where you need faith. Faith is believing and knowing that this is true!

Don’t worry if you don’t fully grasp this, it has taken me many hours of study! But trust it is happening.

So, isn’t it time you got serious with building faith?

So how do you develop it? Faith is simply understanding. If you believe everything happens for a reason, then there must be a science to it. And there is. So really to build your faith you need to develop a deeper understanding of who you are, how the universe works, and how to think so you can attract the things you desire into your life and experience them in your reality.

The opposite of faith is fear.

Fear is rooted in ignorance; ignorance from the point of view of not knowing (not the rude meaning). When people lack knowledge, they start to worry and doubt themselves. Worry and doubt are intellectual dis-eases which produce fear. Fear renders all knowledge useless. I firmly believe people already know enough to achieve what they want, but fear renders it useless.

We don’t see fear because it is carefully woven through our mind and hidden from our view. But if you feel like you should be further on than you are, let there be no doubt, it is fear stopping you!

People think they need more knowledge to overcome problems, when really need more faith.

If you would like help increasing your faith, I suggest studying the chapter on faith from Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich (studying means growing your understanding, not just reading once!). Even studying faith will increase faith! That’s how simple it is.

Now if you’re serious about increasing your faith and confidence to take the next step in growing your business, I suggest joining me for my Abundant Study Club (ASC) every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm. The purpose of the ASC is to transfer abundant ideas to you about yourself and the world. This is not like school. The ideas we study are aligned with riches and prosperity. The best way to reprogramme your mind is through your environment. When you start to believe in abundance, you will experience it in all areas of your life. Register for ASC at

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