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Can you master this secret of life?

I really believe if you want to master the secret of life, you need to master giving and receiving.

How good can you get at giving selflessly to others without expecting back in return?

And how good are you at receiving what you really desire without putting it off?

If you can master these two things, I really believe you’ll have mastered the secret of life.

Tony Robbins is adamant that the “The Secret to Living is Giving.”

Like everything in life, if you want to master something, you need to take responsibility for it and commit to it.

Giving is a word we use in everyday vocabulary, yet very few people have mastered it.

Mastery of giving is going the extra mile to selflessly serve people through whatever means you can for their benefit. Don’t limit giving just to charity or giving help to a family member.

Giving is limitless… As is receiving.

You can receive spiritually, intellectually, and physically in so many ways. Just look for the good!

You need strong self-worth and confidence to master giving. Strong self-worth to know that your existence is making a difference to other peoples’ lives, and confidence in yourself to know that what you do is valuable and impactful.

I think the best way to give, is to set a big inspiring goal; because a goal is to grow, not to get. So, the more you can give, the more you will grow.

If you set a goal to start a new business and to earn €20,000 per month from it, then you need to level up in your ‘giving game’.

Let’s say you currently earn €4,000 per month. Then essentially, you must five times the value you bring to other people to earn €20,000 per month.

The goal is only an outcome, or an effect. And effects cannot be forced. Effects are always a natural reaction to something. This means it follows a natural law of the Universe. This law was discovered by Isaac Newton, Newton’s third law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

So giving is the cause of receiving. You can’t receive heat from a fire until you give it fuel.

Giving always precedes receiving.

Too many people are waiting to receive the perfect time, the perfect plan, the perfect idea, or more money before they commit to giving.

But it doesn’t work this way.

You must first give through action, and then, gradually, the timing, the plans, the ideas, and the money will all move into form for you. You must understand this.

When you set a goal, know this; the only way to achieve the goal is to ‘give your way to your goal’. You must give out a higher value service to a greater number of people, and then your goal will be achieved…naturally!

Over-giving is often associated with burnout or fatigue. But it is wrongfully accused.

Sure, you need a rest to fill your cup back up, but the real culprit is a lack of focus. It is tiring to keep giving to others while you’re focused on getting back, the doubt and worry leave you feeling anxious, which leads to burnout and fatigue.

You need to have faith that you will receive that which you desire, and keep focused on why you’re giving, and how powerful and impactful your giving is.

Do this with a feeling of gratitude and certainty for what you desire, and you will have mastered this secret of life.

Here is a question to think about this week, ‘what can I do to multiply the value I am giving to my team, my customers and my clients?’

The receiving will follow naturally!

Yours in Freedom and Fulfilment,


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