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Don’t Underestimate the Impact of a Power-Word.

This time last year, a friend of mine shared a concept with me which had a profound impact on the year ahead. This concept is known as the Power-Word. Simply put, you pick a word for the year which becomes your theme and your intention.

I thought this strange at first, like what difference will one word make? I’ll probably forget it after two weeks!

But I didn’t. In fact, ‘Fulfilment’, my 2023 Power-Word, resonated with me more and more as the year went on. It was top of my mind when I was making decisions on my business and life. To me, fulfilment is choosing the path that is most desirable and meaningful to me and not settling for anything less.

Here are some of the events which occurred this year which were very fulfilling to me, and which my Power-Word contributed to.

  • I moved into my new dream home with my wonderful girlfriend back in June.

  • I had a shift in mindset around money and put myself ahead of it by borrowing money to reinvest in my business and it paid off (I used to suffer because money won out over my own fulfilment).

  • I left my comfortable pensionable job to pursue my passion – coaching business owners to their full potential - and now run my business full time earning more money than I did before.

  • And, I even developed an amazing coaching programme called ‘Freedom & Fulfilment’ based on this power-word which has received incredible feedback from clients.

  • I helped tens of clients and colleagues, and thousands through social media, workshops and coaching calls, to become self-determining and bring more meaning and fulfilment to what they do.

Maybe some of these things would have happened regardless, but I know for certain, when you set an intention to do something it is 100 times more likely to happen!

So if you’re up for it, I want to challenge you to pick a Power-Word for 2024.

What theme or word do you want to improve? Here are some good suggestions to help you but feel free to choose your own word: attitude, gratitude, appreciation, generosity, focus, discipline, leadership, responsibility, love, faith/belief, confidence, productivity, communication, purpose, freedom, mastery. Spend 10 minutes thinking, but don’t over think it! Go with your gut!

Once you’ve chosen your word, write it on a card for your wallet or the back of your phone. Put some sticky notes on your bathroom mirror and fridge. Spend 20 minutes today thinking of how your life would look if there was five or ten times more in your life. For example, if focus was your word, what would your life be like if you were ten times more focused on your goal? Would you have achieved it by now? Would your business and income be higher?

My Power-Word for 2024 is Urgency. I’ve already purchased some books and short courses to study to help me understand how to build a sense of urgency. I believe if I had ten times more urgency, I would have ten times more clients to impact – so this would make a massive difference to me. What about you?

Have fun!

Happy New Year and Best of Luck for 2024!

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