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Every Decision is a Risky One!

JD Mindset Blog #9 - Every Decision is a Risky One!

Wrapping up decision month with my clients this morning, there was a realisation that every decision you make carries with it risk. Every Decision. Even the decision to not make a decision, carries with it huge risk. Napoleon Hill, author of bestselling book Think and Grow Rich, said indecision, or procrastination, is near the top of the list of the 30 major causes of failure. So don’t think you can escape the decision-making process! Every decision you act on causes specific consequences, so decision really is the starting point of all change. Here is a summary on what my clients learned about Decision over the past month!

  • Decision means to cut off everything that’s not important and to only focus on the thing you want the most.

  • The opposite of decision is procrastination/ indecision.

  • Great Decision makers make decisions quickly and are slow to change them.

  • They know what they want, are confident in who they are and where they are going – confidence and knowing is key for decision!

  • They have definiteness of purpose and goals.

  • Feeling of belief/faith is necessary to make good decisions.

  • Good decision making multiplies your time because you go after what you want and don’t waste time worrying/doubting on what you don’t want.

  • A lack of confidence and fear leads to indecisiveness (comes form not studying powerful information!)

  • Your circumstances today are a consequence of past decisions you made.

  • Decision making is taking ultimate responsibility for your life.

  • Acting on decisions causes and shapes your results.

  • Having a mentor will improve the decisions you make!

  • Reinforce the decision - honest friend/accountability/mastermind/autosuggestion.

  • Irrevocable Committed Decision- act immediately - the attraction process starts!

  • Don’t call it a decision if you don’t act on it!

  • Make it part of the self-image - confidence, habits, standards - not letting yourself off the hook, environment, attitude - these are all decisions you must make to achieve your goal.

  • Decision is the starting point of all change – changing the Paradigm changes results, therefore, everything you want will start with a decision!

The last point is this, life is a series of wins and defeats regardless of what you decide to be or do. People have tendency to think suffering defeats is avoidable, but it is not. Everything carries with it risk. Some paths appear easier and less riskier but this is often a misperception and doesn’t necessarily lead to fulfilment in life.

So my question to you is; if there are risks in every decision, and you know that you will suffer defeats but can persist on despite this to win in the end, then why aren’t you going all in on going after what you really want? Why are you choosing ‘safety’ which carries an equal or perhaps greater amount of risk?

Have a great day!


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