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Get into the Spirit of it!

As a mindset mentor, I teach a lot about goals. I especially like setting financial goals with clients because they are easy to measure, and because you earn in direct proportion to the service you deliver. So, setting a big financial goal requires you to give way more value to people than you have in the past. It really is a win-win for you and others.

But goals are not about getting, they are about growing to higher levels of awareness. This stretches your mind and requires you to step outside that comfort zone if the goal is to be achieved.

You should never ‘go after’ your goals, you should always attract them. Going after something tends to focus on the getting, and this is a bad energy to be in and is dominated by desperation and limitation. It is also ungrateful, because you are not recognising that all the power and everything you need is inside you.

When you are too mechanical about goal achievement, you feel that by taking certain actions, you ‘should be’ getting certain results. This comes from a lack of faith. Faith is knowing that everything you want is moving toward you, but you mightn’t be able to see it just yet.

Are you giving with an expectation to get something back straight away? Remember there is a season to sow and season to harvest. And they are not the same seasons. Be patient!

Focus instead on getting into the spirit of it!

Being the person who has achieved your goal, should be the first decision you commit to each day if you want to attract your gaols quicker. You will experience a totally different day if you are this person.

Is it ridiculous to act like the person who’s achieved your big goals when your results don’t reflect it in the slightest?

This might sound crazy, but the quickest way to achieving goals is to embody the personality of the person who has achieved it.

Your state of being is the energy frequency from which you live. It is made up of your beliefs about you, your potential, and the world. A state of being might be easier understood as an identity. Who is the man/woman who has achieved your goal?

How do they walk? How do they talk? How do they dress? If you want to be the best, then it’s time you started to act like the best. To act like the best, you need to BE the best. Being is an inside game.

For how long today, can you BE the person who’s achieved your goal?

If you master being this person, you will think like them, feel like them, act like them, and the natural response is going to be achieving your goal.

One great way to be the person who’s living your dream life is by getting into the spirit of it!

Assume your goal has been achieved and just imagine the passion, drive, and enthusiasm you are feeling whilst you are going about your daily work. This energy is contagious, people feel it from you. You are expecting the results you want with peace of mind because you are confident in their arrival.

If you’ve ever played sports, read a good book, watched a good movie, you know what it feels like to get into the spirit of it. The energy you send out when you are in this flow is high vibration.

Flow is when you’re in harmony with a way of life. Everything feels right, you are doing the right things, with right people, for the right reasons. And the right results are coming.

If you want to attract your goal, know who you must become to achieve it. Imagine your life as a movie and you are the main actor Write out the script of this character. Make it clear who they are, what they do, and how they live their life.

Make it your number one every day to get into character of this person. The best way to do this, is to read out the script out loud and get into the spirit of being them. Don’t worry if you feel silly, do it anyway!

Act as if. Be enthusiastic. Be passionate. Be successful. Be excited for new opportunities. Be loving to others. Enjoy it!

If you would like to know more about creating freedom of expression for who you truly are, I’d love to help. Get in touch through my email or @johndouglascoaching on Instagram.

Yours in freedom and fulfilment,


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