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How clear is it to you?

Clarity is important for improving mindset and for goal achievement.

Clarity is the ability to have a clear mental picture in your mind of what you want. It first requires imagination to create a picture, then willpower to focus on this picture.

The opposite of clarity is vagueness. Have you ever felt you’ve been moving from one day to the next aimlessly? It’s because you don’t have a clear goal. It’s not enough to say I want to be earning more money, or I want to have my ideal job, or I want more time. You must be definite.

When it comes to knowing what you don’t want, some people throw the baby out with the bathwater. They say things like, ‘I don’t want to work with people’, or ‘I don’t want to work in retail’, without thinking of why they don’t.

Upon further examination, the thing they don’t want, is they don’t want to work under a manager who micromanages, or who criticises too much, or they don’t want to deal with negative people.

If you find yourself in a situation that you don’t like, it is important to define what it is about it that you dislike. When you define it to the smallest denominator, it can make something overwhelming only require a small change to make a big difference.

Something definite has clear boundaries. It has standards. It has its own look.

My rule for measuring goal clarity is that you should be able to write out your goal and if another person were to read it, it would paint the same picture in their mind as you have in your mind. If it’s too vague or not defined enough, then it is simply confusing.

So define your goal like, ‘I am so happy and grateful now to be earning €20,000 every month through my amazing mindset coaching business, helping 100 clients every year achieve their personal and professional goals. When people work with me, everybody wins! I love it and it is done!’

Does that paint a clear picture in your mind?

Clarity allows you to focus. Before you can focus, you must have something to focus on. And whatever you focus on grows.

When you start to see yourself as the person who has the thing you want (because it is very clear), you will attract the thing you want to you.

When we attract, we don’t attract the goal in one swoop. We attract an orderly sequence of opportunities in the form of ideas, people, activities, money, etc., and it is our job to have the courage to act on them. We need clarity in our plans too.

I say ‘courage’ because the opportunities that come to you, will often be uncomfortable and require courage to follow through on them because they are outside of your comfort zone. When you act on them this leads to goal achievement.

Focus changes our habitual thoughts and feelings; and this changes our behaviour. Then we start to act like the person who has already achieved our goal, and this is true manifestation of our vision.

Focus brings more confidence, faith, motivation, and desire.

When you’re not clear on a goal, how can you have confidence or belief that you’ll achieve it? When you get clear, you know exactly what you want. Even if, at first, you don’t believe you can achieve it, through persistence, you will eventually say, ‘Yes! I can do this!’

Be clear in everything you want and don’t want.

Are you in the habit of always getting what you want?

If you’re not, then you’re in the habit of settling for what you don’t want. Don’t rest here, don’t accept it if you don’t want it. This leads to guilt and resentment. Be proud of what you want and know you’re worth!

Have a great week!


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