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Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is misery.

Everything happens for a reason, right?

Well, very few people know why things are the way they are. If they did know, would they really decide to live the way they live?

Many suffer from a lack of time spent with family and friends, lack of awareness to provide the lifestyle they want for their family, lack of purpose in their life, and they are in the terrible habit of settling for what they want.

If you feel stuck, that is, if the life you want to live is not matching the life you are living, then the root of your problems is in not knowing something.

The biggest culprit that holds people back is not a lack of time or money, it is ignorance. Ignorance is simply not knowing.

You probably heard on many occasions that ‘ignorance is bliss’, but it is not. Ignorance is misery.

Ignorance will make you suffer more than anything else.

However, what if you knew why things were the way they were, and what needed to change to get what you want? What difference would this make? Think about it.

The opposite of ignorance is knowledge. You don’t need an expert to tell you that knowledge is knowing. And whilst you don’t have to know everything to be successful, you do need to know this.

If you want to elevate to the top in your field, you need to know that everything in the world and in the universe is made up of energy. There is only one energy, although the frequency at which it moves can change. Even a physical object like a rock is just energy vibrating. It might appear still to our naked eye, but it’s made up of energy frequencies.

All energy is governed by law. A law is something that works the same for everybody. And a universal law is something that permeates all time and space, so it works the same way for everybody, every time and everywhere.

Ignorance of universal law is one of the biggest reasons you suffer. Your thought is energy, and your mind transmutes your thoughts into your physical reality through these universal laws.

1. The law of conservation of energy (1st law of thermodynamics)

2. The law of vibration

3. The law of cause and effect (Newton’s 3rd law)

4. The law of polarity

5. The law of gender

6. The law of rhythm

These are not all the laws, but they give an excellent insight into how you are creating your own circumstances and why you must master your thinking if you want to achieve a world-class lifestyle.

Just knowing the laws will not guarantee any change. The only way to guarantee you will win is to study them in so much detail that they become apart of you, just like the way eating food is part of your everyday routine.

If you want to be in control of your life, I’m hosting a live webinar ‘The Science Behind World Class Goal Achievement’ this Wed 6th Dec at 7.30pm. I’m going to teach you what we should all have been taught at school so that you can reach heights of excellence in everything you do!

Make sure to click on the link and register now!

Here’s to world class goal achievement!


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