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Cake Friday!

Updated: May 12, 2023

Cake.. Really?..

Today I want to talk about Cake, unfortunately not about eating it, but as an analogy for the results you’re getting in your life.

Think of your money cake as the financial income you are achieving. Think of your health cake as the measure of your health status now. Think of your Relationships Cake as how meaningful and enjoyable your relationships are. Think of your work cake summarising how well you are going in your chosen career. Some of these cakes turn out flat, and some turn out perfect!

Across all cakes there are certain ingredients that are used throughout like flour, eggs, and sugar. Now instead of thinking of these as ingredients, think of them as habits, as your habits. So your results are made up of your habits, just as a cake is made up of its ingredients.

And if you use the wrong ingredients, the cake isn’t going to turn out the way it should. If you have the wrong habits, you cannot expect the results you want to come to fruition.

Certain habits, like those ingredients above, are used across the board for good results like goal setting, persistence, decision making and focus. These are key to success in any undertaking.

You don’t build success; you develop great habits and the consistency of these habits over time produce success. And that’s the way it is!

This month I’m focused on doubling down on success habits with my clients, they are so crucial to changing the status quo. I’d like to personally invite you to my upcoming webinar on Success Habits to Increase Your Income next Thursday 20th April. I want to help you understand why habits are so important for increasing income and which ones were pivotal to me to double my monthly income and which have helped countless other people.

You won’t want to miss it, so please register here

See you there!


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