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The Reason Why You’re Not Doing It!

Updated: May 12, 2023

You might be familiar with the phrase ‘knowledge is power’, and you might agree with it, but I don’t.

Let’s think about this for a moment. If knowledge on its own really is power, then people who spend most of their time reading and studying and gaining more knowledge would be the most powerful and successful people. You see, I believe this phrase is only 50% correct. You do need knowledge to take full control of your life and the outcomes you want. But the other half of the story is, you need to apply it. Applied Knowledge is the real power.

When you learn something new and apply it in what you do and your results improve, that is the power of knowledge. Knowledge is simply ideas that are true, and when applied, they work. Knowing is not enough. Results are the aim of the game, and your results are determined by what you do, not what you know. There are many people out there with a list of letters after their name from all the knowledge they’ve studied and exams passed, but who’ve never experienced success. And likewise, there are many people who left school early and have experienced a lot of success in their life, because of what they do. This is known as the Knowing-Doing Gap. People, (you included!), know what they need to do, but because they haven’t been conditioned to do it, they stay doing the same behaviour. So, when nothing they do changes, they keep experiencing the same results. And this is frustrating because people gain more and more knowledge expecting their life to change and it doesn’t. This leads to all sorts of mental issues. Whereas if they just knew, all they had to do was change their behaviour, then they wouldn’t have to suffer anymore! So how do you do this? Well, did you know 96-98% of your behaviour is habitual, meaning it is automatic and very often you’re not even aware of your body doing it. It is programmed deep into your subconscious mind. Your habits are really determining your outcomes. And habits collectively are known as your Paradigm. This is your programming! You aren’t to blame for your Paradigm as most of the programming occurred through the environment you were in as a young child and before you could think for yourself. But if you want success and want real tangible improvements, you need to take responsibility for changing your Paradigm. You can do this by changing one or two habits at a time. This is so important, that I’ve decided to host a free 40min workshop this Thursday evening at 7.30pm on Success Habits to Increase your Income. I want to show you how your habits are limiting your income, which habits you can leverage off to successfully increase your income, and how to permanently develop these good habits. The registration link is below, and if you cannot make the live session, if you register, I will send you the recording. You will not want to miss this opportunity; I guarantee you will learn some brilliant ideas. Did you know just one idea could change your life? Click here to register

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