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Did you ever see nature limit itself?

Updated: May 12, 2023

Really think about this question for a second before moving on.

Imagine a young oak tree; the goal of this oak sapling is to grow as big as it can before it matures. Every season that goes by it strives to grow more. It takes in as much sunlight and carbon dioxide as it can through its leaves, and it takes as many nutrients and as much water as it can from the roots. Why?

Because each year it wants to create new life, by reproducing thousands of acorns. Throughout nature reproduction is the chief aim. Reproduction is creating more life.

Nature never limits what it can have. Now you might never have thought of this before, but do you think this is greedy? Or, if a person never limited themselves to what they could have, would you think they were greedy?

Think about the service that the oak tree can provide by being bigger and better each year. It provides more shelter to smaller trees from strong winds, more shelter to an array of animals during storms and heat waves. It provides more homes for birds and small animals. It provides more food to these same animals. It provides more compost back into the soil through the dead leaves each autumn. This feeds more earthworms and soil biology through the winter.

And it produces thousands more acorns which have the potential to multiply these benefits! And for us, there is beauty and calmness from being around big Oak trees, and not to mention the amount of human life big Oaks support by releasing more oxygen from into the air we breathe.

You might wonder what’s the point of this? And here it is - You should never limit what you can have, when by your getting, you must first give to others.

If you get in harmony with this thought your life will change forever!

Giving is the cause and getting is the effect. You cannot expect heat from a fire before adding the fuel. And If you want to give more in your life – to give a bigger or better service to other people – you need more resources, just like the Oak tree.

The oak tree cannot reach its potential without getting more and more of the resources it needs to fulfil it. We are no different. So expand your mind, let your imagination of its leash and never limit what you can have, when, by your getting you must give so much more!

You see, we are Spiritual, and the essence of Spirit is Life. Growing is a continuous circulation of giving and getting. The more you give, the more you will get. That is the law. We have been programmed to believe that getting is greedy. But you cannot pour from an empty cup. It’s your right to be rich.

As I’m still focused on helping you create your Vision, write a shopping list of personal and professional wants. What is it you want? A new car? A trip of a lifetime? Your dream home? A family? A higher income? More flexibility in work? Nicer clothes? Learn an instrument? - Start your list.

Go deep into fantasy land – go into the place you used to go as a child. Dream the life you want to have and the person you want to be. Dream the things you want to do. Go to a quiet place without distraction, and literally close your eyes and imagine. In doing this, you will discover what brings you enjoyment and what you want the most.

My Vision for my life is to directly influence 1,000 people through my mindset coaching business so they can create a happier, healthier, wealthier life by achieving their goals. If you would like help creating your vision, please get in touch!

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