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[Free Workshop] It Takes A Lot Of Courage To Earn More Money!

Updated: May 12

Good evening!

Are you wondering what it takes to really turn your income around? Like, not just add a few percent, I mean multiply it two, three or ten times?

This week I am hosting a free workshop entitled ‘How I Doubled My Income In 1 Month!’ – The title is self-explanatory, and my purpose is to show you how you can increase your income, so you don’t have to suffer from lack of money controlling your decisions.

I always looked outside of myself for that one secret thing that was going to turn my life around. That idea or tip which few others knew about and that I could use to make me a millionaire!

And I found it! But the surprising thing was it wasn’t on the outside. It has all come from within. It is through my own mind. Did you know that success is 95% mindset?

I found out that I could always earn more income because I can always work on myself to improve. I can always build my confidence in who I am, where I’m going and what I want. Through this confidence I have built up the courage to start serving people on a higher level through my coaching business. My objective is to make people aware that there is a whole better life waiting to be discovered and help them make this life a reality.

Jim Rohn, a renowned leader in Personal Development, used to preach that to succeed in life you should learn to work harder on yourself than you do in your job. What a philosophy!

Confidence is a huge reward for working on yourself. Confidence is a passport to another life because you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and take risks. Leaving the comfort zone is scary and takes courage. Confidence is the bedrock of courage and it takes a lot of courage to double, treble and ten-times your income.

I spoke before about how confidence and belief are the same at the core. What are your beliefs about how money is earned? About how it should be managed? About how much money is available to you? Look at your results to answer these questions and you will quickly realise that your beliefs about money are controlling its flow to you.

The good news is you can increase your awareness about money, and change your beliefs, to develop a wealth consciousness. This means your beliefs and behaviour in relation to earning and spending money are aligned with building wealth.

If you’re tired of chasing money and trying to get ahead by working harder and harder, join me this Wed evening at 7.30pm for a free 40-minute workshop, where I am going to show you the steps I took, the beliefs I changed and the habits I developed, to enable me to double my income in 1 month! Registration link is

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