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Do you Understand the Power of Your Decisions?

Updated: May 12, 2023

Decision is a word thrown around daily by most people. It’s a ‘boring enough’ word that corporates and professionals use with nothing sexy about it on the surface. But Decision is a word I am fascinated with.

Decision has its roots in Latin, and it literally means to CUT OFF. And this is exactly what you are doing when you make a committed decision, you are cutting off everything else except what you want. Sound scary?

Well, if you have somewhere you want to go, you can’t avoid making a decision. You probably have lots of choices available and you might want all of them at once. This is natural as we are Spiritual beings always seeking more and more!

But at the end of the day, you cannot avoid making a decision to take a certain path. This is necessary so you can focus all your energy one thing. This is where your power comes from.

Imagine going camping on a sunny day and you set up camp and want to light a campfire. You take out a magnifying glass and hold it low to the ground, just at the right angle. What happens? The tinder underneath begins to smoke. Why? The energy of the suns rays which were dispersed are now focused on one tiny area. The power of the that concentrated energy lights a burning flame.

This is what happens when you make a committed decision. You Decide on one thing and cut off everything else that is not important. Great decisions are the starting point of all your accomplishments. What are you going to light a burning flame to?

Great decision makers make the best decisions because they think for themselves, they don’t let the opinion of others, or the fear of criticism, rule their decision. Great decision makers are great decision makers because THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT, and they decide to go and get it.

I’m not talking deciding what takeaway you want! I’m talking about deciding to start a business, buy a house, your career, etc these are bigger decisions that can be scary because you don’t know if it will work or how to succeed. Your perception leads you to feel there’s so much at stake.

But guess what? Every decision you make carries a risk. Not making or delaying your decision carries a big risk – but people ignore this. There’s a risk involved in everything, and many choose comfort over going after dreams. This is because of fear. Fear paralysis our decision making. Fear is doubting and worrying about failure.

Are you one of these people? What are you afraid of losing? A job? Friends? Your income?

What you really need is UNDERSTANDING. How do you develop understanding? Through studying three things; who you are, your surroundings, and your relationship your surroundings. When you understand how everything works you gain faith. Faith is the opposite of Fear.

Studying helps you know exactly what you want and Decisions multiply your power. Why not make studying your next decision to getting what you want. Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) and The Science of Getting Rich (Wallace D. Wattles) are two phenomenally powerful books which will change your world forever!

I’m hosting a workshop ‘Have You Decided How Much Income You Want To Earn?’ on Wed Mar 29th at 7pm to show you how your income can be changed through making the right decisions. Register at:

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