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Love on an atomic level.

Love is not a topic I usually write on, although I use it very frequently each day.

But I think love is a core concept in fulfilment, which is this month’s theme.

I’ll leave love in relationships and heartbreaks to the singers and songwriters. Instead I want to share what love is from a more atomic level and why it is so important in success.

One way to define love is resonance, and this is how I like to think of it. When something resonates with you, it hits a chord inside, there is a connection there. This can happen when you meet someone for the first time and something in you recognises something in the other person which you trust and which you want more of.

Or this can happen to when you try something new for the first time and you can’t get enough of it. Again, something in you and something in that activity resonates. There is a harmonious connection, and you feel very alive, very present, and your feelings are enhanced positively.

Likewise, you can get ideas and feel this way too. The idea gives you more life and you give life to that idea when you act on opportunities to manifest it.

This resonance to me is love. And within this, there are different levels of love which differentiates the love you have for your partner, with the love for your children, with the love for your community, with the love for your hobby, etc.

When you live a truly fulfilled life, it means that who you are being and what you are doing resonate with you. You love it.

Viktor Frankl, a Viennese psychiatrist who spent three years in Nazi concentration camps and survived, wrote a brilliant book called ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. In it, he writes about love being that element which recognises potential in another person or thing without any visible evidence of the potential. And that, it is love which realises that this potential ought to be actualised. He says the loving person enables the beloved person to actualise potentialities by making them aware of what they can be or what they can do through encouragement, which ultimately makes these potentialities come true.

When you notice this potential within you, you need to love yourself enough to allow yourself to explore it and become true. How in-love are you, with your life?

One great way to increase your love for your life, is by starting to prioritise your desires. Desiring is a wanting state; loving is a state where you feel you already possess the desire. This feeling of possession is the starting point of your attaining it and bringing it into your physical reality. Why?

Because the love you have for it determines the strength of your law of attraction. Love being resonance, the energy frequency you are on will resonate with the exact same energy frequencies of the things outside of your body and you will attract them.

If you want to attract great things to your life, you have to feel like you already have them, that they are yours, and it is only a matter of time before they will be observed in your physical circumstances.

Think of your role as a facilitator. Prepare a place for the things you want, the things you love, just like you would prepare your home for important guests coming to visit.

From a mindset point of view, this means making sure your habitual thoughts and feelings are aligned with your desires. For example if you desire to earn €20k per month, you must feel like it is yours already, how would you think and feel about your financial situation and life if this were the truth?

These thoughts and feelings must become your habitual thoughts and feelings. This puts you on that all important energy frequency, and like attracts like. Thinking and feeling any other way is detrimental to you attracting the €20k.

So, I’ll finish by asking you to spend some time this week thinking of what you would love more of in your life. Sometimes this can be a hard one to answer, so start by thinking of what you want less of, and then identify the opposite.

Remember you are a creative being with the power to create any life you want. If you want more guidance on how you can do this, simply get in touch.

Yours in Freedom and Fulfilment,


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