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The Actors Technique

This month my clients and I have been studying Being in more depth. Being is so powerful because it is living, and being causes your results in life.

Being is the glue than combines thought with personal action. It turns thoughts into things.

How? Because being is living from a specific energy frequency and it causes you to behave on that frequency and attracts results on that frequency. Being is causal.

This week I want to share an idea to help you be the person who is living your dream life. The idea is called the self-image, enjoy!

To know the truth about you requires studying yourself to clearly identify what your dream life looks like, because that result, which is very specific and true to you, is an energy frequency.

So set a big inspiring goal for yourself, and describe how your family and work life look? Be clear and specific, and remember goals are not to get, goals are to grow.

Think of your goal achievement as a movie. The storyline is you getting from where you are now to living your dream life. And you’ve guessed it, you are the main character, the leading role. What changes need to take place within you to achieve it?

We call this your self-image. Your new self-image should be the identity of the person who has achieved your goal. Identity allows you to enter onto different energy frequencies.

Where do you need more confidence? How would your attitude towards you change? How will your decision-making change? Which fears do you need to overcome? How do you serve or give value to others? How would your relationship with money change?

Answering these questions will allow you to become aware of where you need to grow. If your goal is clear and specific it makes it easier to develop a new self-image.

Aim for the best in whatever you want to be and do. Being the best is a philosophy, not a status. In the words of Mohammed Ali, ‘I am the Greatest. I said that even before I knew I was!’

You see Ali was being the greatest, and his results just reflected this. He became a champion of the world, not just in boxing.

Give your new identity a title like, the world-class coach, the outstanding leader, the master salesperson, etc. Make it relevant and inspiring to you!

Write out a self-image script. Answer those questions above in this script, along with the new habits, characteristics, personality, standards, skills, and attitudes of the new you. Put it all together in one inspiring script. Remember, you are creating a new character!

As a rule of thumb, one A4 page is a guide for the script length. You don’t want to make it too heavy, but it also must have detail.

What would an actor do with their script?

Now it’s time to get to get into character! Read your script out loud every day. And don’t just read it, BE IT!

Demand yourself to be the person. ‘I am the Greatest’, believe it and feel like you are. Shout it if you must!

Napoleon Hill suggested spending 30 minutes each day on being the person you need to be. Do this every day for 30 days, do not give up. It will change your life forever!

It’s not about the time you spend or how many times you read it, they are good guides. The only thing that matters is how good you get at seeing yourself as the greatest, and getting into the feeling of being that person.

It doesn’t matter how many times Leonardo DiCaprio says his lines, what matters is how good he gets at being the person; and this exercise is the exact same.

It might seem stupid, it might seem childish, but so what? No one else needs to know, but you.

Make it fun and enter the spirit of it. This is a journey to be enjoyed during challenges as well as successes.

If you want change that will work for you, here it is. Acting as if you are the person is the best and easiest way to be the person. It works by law, so it will work for you if you choose to accept it.

If you feel like you aren’t living the life you should be, then you’re being untrue to yourself.

To live a life you want, you need to believe and act on the Truth of your being.

If you want help developing your self-image, get in touch.

Your self-image is your passport to achieving your goals.

Yours in freedom and fulfilment,


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