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The common denominator of attracting more business.

I love business. I love talking business, I love working with my clients on their businesses and I love running my own business. Do I love everything about it? Of course not, I have weaknesses in areas I don’t like, and they can be a pain! But I try to out-source as much of these as possible.

The first priority for every business is to make a profit, otherwise it fails. That’s not the purpose of business but it is the priority. Once there is a healthy positive cash flow, it enables most other things to be sorted afterwards.

A great idea that I’ve adopted is the business founder focuses on the money-making and business building activities, delegating the rest to others. And it just makes so much sense in various ways. It allows the founder to master the activities that will bring long-term success, but which is often not the activity that the founder initially had in mind for themselves.

For instance, the purpose of my business is to bring success to people through mindset coaching. And I love it because I get to help people set big goals and attract the circumstances which lead to their attainment. I know other coaches who get the same buzz from doing similar.

However, first and foremost, I’m a salesperson. No sale, no client. No client, no revenue. Simple as.

I was lucky that I stumbled across this idea before I began my business because I feel it’s saved me a lot of grief as I invested in sales mentorship with a top coach about 18 months ago having had no previous sales experience. But I see lots of entrepreneurs entering different arenas without this awareness, and then their business doesn’t live up to their expectation.

Selling is the money-making activity which helps my business grow. I see it as an ability to inspire people to commit to their greatness, rather than other, less flattering, portrayals.

Marketing is also up there, and then mindset coaching comes next!

What are the money-making and business building activities in your business?

One thing I’ve learned from mastering my understanding and application of mindset and sales, is that it is possible to attract more business. Yes, you can actually attract clients and customers. You can attract new members for your team. You can attract a new supplier of a service or a product.

Attracting is powerful. You probably won’t hear this at most business mentorships, as the focus is solely on the mechanics and trying to anticipate what will or won’t work.

The truth is, you have already attracted all your clients, whether consciously or not, because you attract everything into your life, and business.

If you’re after more clients or customers, are you wondering why you’re not attracting them?

Well, what are you attracting instead?

Whatever results you’re experiencing in your business the last while will tell you. It will tell you how you see your business and what you’re in harmony with.

“We don’t get what we want in life, we get who we are.” A quote from Les Brown which underpins this philosophy.

Look at the list below; on the left are reasons why business drops off, and on the right, are ways to attract more business. This is not rocket-science but take inventory of both lists. Be honest with yourself, which thoughts dominate in your mind?

Whichever dominate is how you see yourself and your business. How you see yourself and your business is how you identify it, and this is what Les Brown meant when he said we get who we are.

It is this identity that serves as the basis for the law of attraction. And I think it would be in your best interest to write out the list on the right-hand side, on what attracts more business, and add your own positive thoughts to it. Then read it out everyday over and over again. This will shift your energy and leave you feeling more inspired. It will boost your enthusiasm and drive to help your clients win.

More importantly it will help you attract clients, team members, suppliers, or whoever else you want to attract. The truth is, that you’re not really attracting people, you are attracting energy on the same frequency as you, so people who match this energy will be attracted to you.

Think this is a cool idea? Or sceptical? Either way, try it!

This Thursday evening, I’m hosting a live webinar on 3 Mindset Hacks to Scale Your Start-Up. I will go through this idea in more detail plus a couple of other mindset essentials which are powerful, but very few businesses use.

If you want to get an edge in your business, why not look inside to the power of your own mind!

You can register at

See you there!

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