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The Starting Point of Getting Anything You Want!

This month at John Douglas Coaching, we have been studying Desire. Every time you study something in depth, you get a deeper understanding of the ideas involved and how crucial they are in your personal development and in creating a fulfilling and free life.

I can clearly see why Napoleon Hill said that desire is the starting point of all achievement. It really is, and if you want success quickly you must make sure that what you want becomes a burning desire. A burning desire is when one idea (your goal) becomes irresistibly dominant in your mind. It becomes the driving force behind all your action.

It must become an obsession if you want it in your possession.

You must bring order to your own mind; you cannot build a burning desire for something blurry and vague. Clarity brings definiteness. This simplifies your thoughts and allows you to focus. It streamlines decision-making, planning and acting. Clarity will also bring confidence as you know exactly where you are going.

You might want time and money freedom. This is brilliant, but it must be more definite. Each person has a different vision of this. It should be of utmost importance to you to create a clear mental image of living life on your terms, doing what you love, choosing how you spend your time, and buying things without ever having to look at your bank balance.

Wanting is not enough to make it happen, you must desire it too. A lot. A desire is an emotionalised want. It is a want that has been given thought and feeling, and now resides in your subconscious mind. From here, it is controlling what you attract into your life and how you behave, and it’s what you do that causes your results.

When you want, you’ll wait; when you desire, you’ll do.

You are a dreamer. But it is your choice whether you stay a dreamer or become a practical dreamer. A practical dreamer is not just a person who hopes and wishes, but they act with conviction on their dreams and begin from wherever they are to make them a reality.

Like any fire that burns, desire needs fuel to keep going. If it runs out of fuel, it will dwindle away to nothing. Remember that you are feeding your desires with fuel every day. An example of this is when you think of being poor and having no money, you are literally building a burning desire for poverty through focusing on being poor. Break free from your current conditions and feed your desire with ideas and feelings that will make it grow.

Building a burning desire requires continuous and consistent exercise of imagination. Like going to the gym, the more reps - the bigger the muscle; well the more emotionalising - the bigger the desire. This is how to build a burning desire. Remember all desires move into form!

  1. You set a big inspiring goal. Not something you know how to do, or you think you can do; something that would change your life completely. Write out what your dream life looks like and do not limit yourself in anyway. Imagine you have all the money and resources you needed to live this life, what would it look like? Then set a goal from this vision.

  2. Decision. The burning desire will make your decisions for you. Some people worry about the decisions they will have to make in the future before they even set a goal. This is detrimental to you changing your life. Trust you will make the right decisions along the way. The first decision you need to make, is to build a burning desire for your goal.

  3. Focus your imagination on the goal. Build a crystal-clear image of what the goal looks like. Your will gives you the ability to focus, if you find you can’t focus for long, don’t worry, your mind tends to drift, just simply bring it back to focus on your goal. This strengthens your will and multiplies your discipline. Focus lights a massive flame under your desire.

  4. Autosuggestion and visualisation. Autosuggestion refers to the activity of suggesting ideas to your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will attract what you need to help you progress and also control your action. You can suggest any ideas you want, even if they aren’t factual just right now. So you need to suggest and affirm that your goal is yours. Read out your goal, write out your goal, and visualise your goal every day. This is crucial to emotionalise your goal and build a burning desire.

  5. Build faith. You need to understand that everything you are doing is causing your results. Everything is energy, and all energy is governed by laws. Your inner desires are causing your outer results, trust that following this process will get you what you want.

  6. Take action. This is the step that reveals if your desire is burning or not. Are you acting on your goal? Are you leaving the comfort zone? Are you taking the necessary risks? Faith without action doesn’t exist. Take 3-6 goal achieving actions every day.

  7. Master accepting and rejecting. You need to train your mind to only accept ideas which harmonise with your goal and reject ideas which are not in harmony with it. For example, if you set a big financial goal and at the same time accept and focus on the idea of not having enough money, then there are two conflicting ideas in your mind. Your energy will fluctuate between one and the other. You will confuse and frustrate yourself and slow down your progress. You can only be one person, accept ideas only of what you desire.

  8. Environment is key. If you want to build and maintain a burning desire. You need to put yourself into environments with other people who are doing the same. The best way to learn Spanish is to live in a country that speaks it as its first language. If you spend most of your time with five millionaires, you’ll probably be the sixth!

My purpose is to help people create time and money freedom through their passions, and I’m hosting a workshop this Thursday 29th June at 8pm on The Starting Point of Your Time & Money Freedom.

I promise you; you won’t want to miss it. If you’ve been feeling like a slave to money, and letting your bank account dictate how you live, then you’re going to want to join me.

I want to give you practical advice that you can act on, and I’m going to build on the ideas I’ve shared above, because if implemented, these ideas have the power to turn your life around. My mentors use them, I use them and my clients use them and they are incredible.

It is a free 40-minute workshop, just have a pen and paper because you might want to take notes, and you can join me by registering through this link

Have a great week and see you Thursday!


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