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What Freedom & Fulfilment mean to me.

Viktor Frankl was a Viennese psychiatrist who spent three years in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. He was one of the lucky survivors and wrote a book called Man’s Search For Meaning, where having been subject to years of physical and mental torture, he concluded that it was not an individual’s circumstances which determined their life, but their ability to choose their own attitude in response to that circumstance that really determined it.

It may seem odd, that someone who had such a right to be angry, outraged, resentful, and many other things was able to find meaning, even in such dire conditions. The ones who survived these camps were usually ones who clung onto a purpose something greater than themselves that they would not give up on, and that made all the difference.

This is what fulfilment means to me. It is the expression one’s purpose in life. It is living on purpose every day.

This expression can happen on many different levels, making it is possible to start from anywhere. During his imprisonment, Viktor Frankl expressed his purpose and fulfilment by holding fast to the idea that his wife was still alive, and that he had important ideas he wanted to share with the world. Was he free to work on this? No, but that didn’t stop the feeling of hope that one day he would again be with his wife and his ideas would be published.

Fulfilment can also be at a higher level, think of Irish boxer Katie Taylor who has been crowned world champion on numerous occasions. Here we can see fulfilment of her purpose through her results.

Could you honestly say that you are living on purpose each day? If you are, great! If you’re not, don’t worry, many people aren’t, and this is probably due to the lack of emphasis put on discovering purpose.

It is hard to feel fulfilled when you don’t know what you’re trying express.

Likewise, it’s hard to feel free when you don’t know what it means to you either.

This is where study is so important, studying yourself, powerful information, and your relationship to this powerful information.

Studying brings awareness and clarity. It will help you discover your purpose so you can act on it and feel fulfilled.

Freedom and the Truth cannot be separated. ‘The truth will set you free’, is what the Bible’s main man stated, it means if you live true to yourself by being the person you’re meant to be then freedom is yours.

You cannot be free if you are being untrue to yourself, for example, by conforming to what everyone else is doing, just because. Being untrue causes you to feel the opposite of freedom, which is trapped, stuck, and self-imprisoned.

When you are being true to yourself, you know who you are and where you’re going. You are confident to ‘be yourself’, and you don’t fear criticism, poverty, ill-health or any other fear. And the best part is you feel free!

Can you honestly say that you are feeling free? Are you living the life you desire to live? It is estimated that 97% of the population do not live a life of freedom.

But it is possible to create freedom and fulfilment. And I want to show you how.

I’m starting a new 10-week mentorship programme this September called Freedom and Fulfilment. It is an entry-level mindset programme for a small number of serious students who want to start a new career or business but aren’t sure what they’re passion is or how where to start.

This programme will give you a clear destination on what you want to achieve and build confidence in yourself and your abilities to achieve it.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch to book a free 30-minute Freedom Call.

Yours in Freedom and Fulfilment,


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