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What is Thinking to Win?

Imagine you had crystal clear vision on what you wanted in life.

Imagine that vision combined your passions with time and money freedom.

Imagine waking up early each day with a strong purpose and a burning desire to act on it.

Imagine you knew the process to achieve your goals and vision.

Imagine you had a positive mental attitude which looked at fear and failure daily but rejected them and gave you the courage to go and do it anyway.

Imagine you are successful and always win.

How would living this life make you feel?

This Thursday evening at 7.30pm, I am hosting an online workshop called Thinking to Win. The purpose of this workshop is to help you understand why it’s confusing to know what you want, why you feel stuck at the level you’re on, and why your motivation can be up one week and down the next. I want to show you how to think to win so the life I described above can be yours.

Firstly, what even is Thinking?

To me, thinking is the ability to control your thoughts and your imagination so that you only focus on the thoughts and images that you desire to be part of your life. It also means you reject all other ideas that are not in line with what you want. No matter how real they may appear or how factual they seem you do not pay any attention to them. Thinking is the first step of creation.

Most peoples’ understanding of thinking stops at being good at reasoning or logical. But if that’s all you use your mind for, you will not get far in life. Albert Einstein once said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere’.

You see your logic is very limited – and if that's all you use to make decisions, you are probably feel a level of self-imprisonment, of holding yourself back.

Don’t get me wrong, logic is needed at certain times, but fully relying on it is the main reason why so many people are not clear on what they want and why they never go after it.

Thinking is so powerful, but this power is left undiscovered when used for menial tasks. To understand the power of thinking we need to understand what thoughts are. Everything in this Universe is energy and thoughts are energy, they are a unit of mental energy. Thought is formless, it is an invisible force, like the wind which blows. Like strong winds, the aftermath is clearly seen through your results in career, income, health, relationships, etc.

If you want to know what people spend most of their time thinking just look at their results!

What is Winning?

Winning to me is an attitude.

The attitude that no matter what happens me, or no matter what situation I’m in, I will come out on top on the other side.

Do I always have a winning attitude all the time? Well, my intention is to have a winning attitude all day long, but life throws curveballs and sometimes I unknowingly let old conditioning takeover.

However, I can say with certainty that it has little control, usually within a few hours my thoughts are back on top.

Now if I was to compare that with where I want to go, I can honestly say it’s not at the standard I want. I want a winning attitude all day, every day.

But if I was to compare that to where I was, I would say it is way better. Certain events or people used to affect me for weeks. I didn’t even realise how much I was letting my outside control my inside at the time.

How often do you feel the outside has control?

If you’re not thinking to win, then you’re conforming. Earl Nightingale, known as the Dean of Personal Development, said the opposite of courage is not cowardice but conforming, going along with the masses for no other reason except the fact that they are doing it too.

This is the blind leading the blind. It is not Thinking to Win.

Conforming is dangerous, it leads to settling and making excuses.

Remember you can either be world class or make excuses, but you can’t do both!

Deciding to be world class is taking responsibility for all your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results and holding yourself accountable to changing them.

You see, the way to get to where you want to go is as real as where you are now. You mightn’t be able to see it with your eyes or feel it with your hands but if you can imagine it in your mind, then you can experience it through your body.

So join me this Thursday 25th May at 7.30pm, for 45 minutes of Thinking to Win. I am going to show you exactly how your mind works, the reasons you feel stuck, and I’m going to blow your mind with stories and examples of how your imagination works and how to get what you really desire and live your dream life! Don’t miss out on this free and amazing opportunity. Register at

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