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What is your Legacy?

When you think of people who have passed from this world leaving behind a lasting Legacy, who comes to your mind first?

Is it a sportsperson like Muhammed Ali? Is it a politician like Abraham Lincoln? Is an actor like Robin Williams? Is it a businessman like Andrew Carnegie? Or maybe it’s family member or somebody in your locality?

Think about it, why is it we still talk about these people, even though they’re gone. It’s almost as if a part of them never dies and will live on forever. What a cool idea it is to think that you could do the same.

Have you ever thought about your Legacy?

A legacy is when a life's work is dedicated to something meaningful, and the result of this dedication is leaving this world in a better place than it was before you arrived.

It's hard to imagine a world without cars, without electricity, without smartphones, and without airplanes, and yet all of these things came into existence through the Legacy of a small number of people.

The practical dreamers of this world are the ones that shape it and make it into what it is. These people take it upon themselves to make the world a better place. And remember, you have an equal ability to the people who created those marvellous Technologies. So you too can leave your own mark.

So the question is what are you going to take responsibility for to insure the future generations have an even more wonderful life than you do?

There's no doubt about it, none of us are getting out of here alive, and we only get a short time to create a better existence for our fellow brothers and sisters.

Do you find meaning in your life's work?

Your legacy can also start at home with your family. What legacy do you want to leave behind for your children? Maybe you'd like to buy a home for each of them to take financial pressure off them. Maybe you'd like to make sure that they have an educational fund to draw from to develop their skills. Maybe you would just like them to grow up confident, and know who they are and where they're going, so that they can live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life.

The exciting part is you decide your own destiny and therefore your own legacy. How wonderful it is to make the world a better place for everyone to experience. You have the power! What are good at? What do you want to become the best at? This is where you can leave your mark.

Now, if you're like most people, you've probably never sat down and wrote out what you want to be remembered for. But I strongly advise taking one hour this week to write down the things you want to be remembered for. Or another way of looking at it is how do you want to make the lives of future generations better?

You have a mind which is perfect. You have all the power you need to accomplish your dreams, so aim big! Take it upon yourself to change the world of those you love for the better.

The people you admire the most have an equal ability to you. Maybe they just accepted it!

The mighty oak sleeps in the acorn.

Best of luck,


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