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Why NOT having a goal is costing you millions.

‘You can’t get something for nothing’, and achieving a big goal will cost you. It will cost you in time, money, effort, and reputation.

But not having a goal is costing you at least 10 X more. It’s costing you millions of euros and you don’t even know it.

Let me give you an example, if you were earning €40k per year and didn’t have a goal, you might end up earning €60k in 10 years’ time. What’s the cost of achieving this? It will cost you in time (your working week), and money (inflation is a hidden cost in income growth).

However, if you earn an average wage of €40k per year and you have a big goal to increase it by 50% every year for the next 10 years, do you know where you’d end up when achieved?

€2.3 million per year!!!!

Now, let’s say the initial cost in the first few years was €50k plus hundreds of hours of work to get your business going and streamlined. In just one year, the cost of not having that goal is €2.2 million. And over 10 years this would equate to €22.4 million (all else being equal).

Not having a goal is literally costing you millions. Even if your goal was to grow your income by a modest 20% per year, you’d end up at €250k in 10 years’ time, or €2.5 million over 10 years.

To invest in a goal might require you to start a business, hire a coach, buy stock, spend on marketing, and more. To do it right, it will probably cost you thousands in the first few years. But the return, if you do it right, is millions.

But we don’t talk about the cost of not doing things because we can’t see what we are missing out on. But we can have regrets.

We are not focused on what we haven’t got with the intention of achieving it; we are focused on what we have got with the fear of losing it.

It’s sad. Fear could be ruling your life, and you don’t even know it.

Don’t let the risk blind you from what could be.

Everything carries a risk, and I’m a firm believer that the risk of doing nothing and changing nothing is far greater than the risk of trying.

Live a little. At least allow yourself to set a big goal.

What if you knew how to always hit the mark?

I can teach you how to achieve your goal through a process that is proven to work. It works by law.

Remember you are a human being. Human beings have conquered the earth, we’ve been to the top of the greatest mountains and the depths of the deepest oceans. We’ve built cities and been to the moon. We can do anything we set our mind to!

Why can’t we double or treble our income in a short space of time? Who told you, you can’t?

You’ve just got to believe that you have the power to do it!

Why not join me for my upcoming workshop ‘Setting goals that pay you to work on them!’ on Wed 22nd Nov at 7.30pm. Setting a goal is the most important task you have for your life. A day without a goal is a day without focus, without purpose. A goal is a way of life that you commit to creating and I will show you how to bring it to life.

How would you feel entering 2024 with a crystal-clear vision and a burning desire to achieve it?

Register here:

See you there!


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