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Your life depends on it. Literally.

They say spirit is eternal. Eternal means it was always here and it always will be here. So what makes being human so special?

Well as a human being you have the ability to create and bring something to life in your physical reality. You are a human being, and to be is to live.

When you're being somebody, you’re creating a specific life, and that life has particular results associated with it. It has a particular income, a particular type of career, a particular type of home, a particular type of education, particular friends, particular restaurants that you go to eat, holidays that you go on, and a particular car that you drive, and so on.

This is what life is. It's about circumstances, results, and experiences. Every life has different experiences.

What causes your life experiences is NOT the government, it's NOT your boss, it's NOT your family, it’s NOT the banks, in fact, it's not anything outside of you. What causes this life is YOU.

It's you ‘being’ somebody that causes your life. Being is causal, meaning it’s the primary reason why your results are the way they are. Being is the primary reason why you are experiencing your life as it is today. It might be difficult to comprehend the true meaning of this the first time, so keeping reading it until it sinks in.

You can understand who you are being, by realising who you identify yourself as, person can identify themselves as a father, an engineer, a nice person, a hard worker, an honest person, a wealthy person. This identity is who they are being.

Who you've been over the last number of months and years has determined the life you're living today. Very few people know this, and an even smaller percentage of those who do, do anything about it.

Most think that their outside circumstances are causing their life experiences. We have life backwards.

Life is created from within and then experienced on the outside. We are not slaves to our circumstances having to put up with what we’ve got.

That is not living, that is just an ignorant existence.

If you are serious about creating a life of freedom and fulfillment for you and those you love, you need to change how you think about yourself and about your life. You need to realise that all your life is starting from within you, and it starts by being the person who you need to be.

The person you're being today will cause you to experience a certain life in the future.

The beautiful thing about this is you have the freedom of choice as a human being. All other creatures are what they are from start to finish. You can decide who you're going to be and this is the most important decision that you will make because your life depends on it. Literally.

I'll give you an example let's say you're working a nine-to-five job and you want to leave it to start your own business. Most people would see themselves as a trier, somebody who is trying to start a business, somebody who's trying to make a few more pound, somebody who’s trying to make their life better.

You need to lose the attitude of trying. Trying just means exploring, but trying is not executing. Trying won’t cut it.

How many times have you heard yourself or others say, “I was trying for so long…”

What will execute it is doing it in the right energy. This action comes when you are being the person you need to be. When you be the person you can do the actions, and you do them enthusiastically in the right energy, and this attracts amazing results.

For example, you must BE the successful business owner, you must feel like one, before you start that business. You must be the successful business owner to do the successful actions in the right energy, and this will get you successful results.

So, this week, I'd like you to look at who you're being now, and lookback at who you have been over the past couple of years. What is that inner voice saying about you? Do you call yourself the successful businessman or woman? Do you call yourself a failure?

Be honest. What do you call yourself?

Because whatever you call yourself is your identity; that's who you are being, that's what you are doing, and this is determining the results you're getting.

To change, you need to set a very clear goal, something you really desire not something you know how to get or you think you can do.

It should be a dream, or a fantasy. Create a clear mental picture of that fantasy, and like as if you were watching a movie, create the main character who is being the person that has successfully living out that fantasy.

Your challenge is to get into character and act as if you were that person every day.

This might seem strange but do it anyway. If you're way isn't working, I know that this is the way to get the life that you've always wanted.

If you want more help, please reach out by booking in a call. Here is the link;

Have a great week and be who you're meant to be.

Yours in freedom and fulfilment,


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