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Consulting & Coaching 

About Me

I'm John, an Elite Mindset Coach.

What's that you ask? Put simply, I make a meaningful change in people's lives. I guide people to a life where they don't have to stress about money or work jobs they hate just for the paycheck. 


If you study the most successful people in the world, you’ll find that they have one thing in common — almost all of them had a mentor! Why? You see, the biggest obstacle to your success is not other people but your own limiting beliefs. You need a mentor who can free you from limiting mindsets and set you on a path to success. 


I have played the role of a mentor to many successful men and women, releasing them from the shackles of their minds and helping them reach their financial goals. If you feel like money is stressing you out, if you don’t know what it takes to increase your earning potential, and if you’re open to learning new ideas and understanding how money works, then my guidance could change your life.

We Make An Impact.


of people admit to being dissatisfied with their personal income


of people are actually willing to do the work and commit to change


of our clients make the transition and go on to recommend us to others

The Mentor You've Been Looking For

Live A Life of Excellence.

Want to live a richer, happier and more fulfilling life but tired of fake guru advice? You don’t have to move mountains, join an MLM or work 100-hour weeks to reach financial freedom.

John Douglas

Coach & Consultant

Why Me

No BS. No Fluff. Just Life-Changing Advice.

I know that you want more from life but you don't know where to start. You've searched the internet for ways to make money. But all you got were fake gurus in rented Lamborghinis trying to sell you their dropshipping or crypto trading courses. Their methods are intentionally too complex and risky for you to handle. So you choose to settle and live life as it were, never to look back.


But here's the truth: Getting to financial freedom is not as complex as they make it seem. With the right guidance, you can live the life you’ve always dreamt about. It's time to fall in love with self-improvement once again!

“Having returned to Ireland after many years abroad, getting life back on track here was challenging in a lot of aspects. John helped me become aware of the direction I wanted to go, and then guided me along that direction. 


He has taught me the power of using my mind effectively, along with much more. Having a mentor always on hand to guide me throughout life has shown me the benefits of mentorship in all walks of life, and having a community of like-minded people, to discuss topics with, has been a bonus!”

Declan Leonard

Client Review

"John has helped me become aware of how my mind works. Through his guidance, I have changed my behaviours and can see the Results immediately!”

Mark Gunning

Client Review

“John Douglas’ methods should be taught in schools and universities all over Ireland. He provided me with the tools to realise my potential. 

Each person has it within themselves to achieve their goals, but few realise this. 

John will help you realise that you have it within yourself to achieve your goal no matter how big it is! It’s a formula for a more fulfilling life!”

Michael Keaveny

Client Review

We Make An Impact.
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A FREE Workshop for people who're dissatisfied with their current income and are looking to multiply their earning potential within a relatively short period of time.

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