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Get ready for a complete transformation — a new way of thinking, a higher income and a happier, fulfilling life.

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Dear Friend,


I know that there was a time when you genuinely wanted to make a change in your life. 


So you tried to look online for help, looking for ways to make more money and live a better life.


But all you got was fake gurus promising you the world but giving you nothing in return. 


You've had it with their fake Rolexes, rented Lamborghinis and private planes. 


They tell you that if you want to be rich you have to start a giant business, build an NFT project, trade risky stocks and whatnot.


All these sound too big for you.


Their methods are intentionally too complex and risky for you to handle. 


So you decide to give up on your dreams of a better life and accept life as it is, always looking back wondering how things may have been different.


But what if I told you that getting to financial freedom is not as complex as they make it seem? 


With the right knowledge and guidance, you can live the life you’ve always dreamt about — without having to take on complicated tasks like starting a business.


So, ready to give this whole self-improvement thing another chance?

Meet Your Trainer

What Our Clients Have To Say

Having returned to Ireland after many years abroad, getting life back on track here was challenging in a lot of aspects. John helped me become aware of the direction I wanted to go, and then guided me along that direction. 
He has taught me the power of using my mind effectively, along with much more. Having a mentor always on hand to guide me throughout life has shown me the benefits of mentorship in all walks of life, and having a community of like-minded people, to discuss topics with, has been a bonus!

Declan Leonard


John has helped me become aware of how my mind works. Through his guidance, I have changed my behaviours and can see the Results immediately!

Mark Gunning


John Douglas’ methods should be taught in schools and universities all over Ireland. He provided me with the tools to realise my potential.

Each person has it within themselves to achieve their goals, but few realise this. 


John will help you realise that you have it within yourself to achieve your goal no matter how big it is! It’s a formula for a more fulfilling life!

Michael Keaveny


Before You Found This Page

Confused. Drifting in the water with hopes and dreams but don't know if or how you can achieve them.

As You Read This Now

Hopeful. You feel like there could be a way to build the life that you want. But you're still a little sceptical.

Where You'll Be In 30 Mins

Confident. You've seen John's system in action & you're ready to implement it in your life. You've said goodbye to a life of mediocrity.

The Choice Is Yours

A Message From John

This Is For People Who

✅ Genuinely Want To Build A Better Life For Themselves & Their Families

✅ Want To Multiply Their Income

✅ Are Committed To Change

✅ Are Ready To Build A Growth Mindset

This Is Not For People Who

❌ Want To Get Rich Quick

❌ Want Results Without Putting In The Work

❌ Are Dishonest, Untrue To Themselves, Irresponsible, Blame Others For Their Faults

❌ Prioritise Money Over People

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you sign up, you will be redirected to the video, on that page there will be a button with your workbook! It's definitely recommended that you download it first, it'll be very useful to you in the class. 

1. How do I get my free bonus?

Let's clarify one thing: This is NOT one of those "LIVE" recorded webinars where people fill you with promises and deliver nothing of value. No one's going to sell you an online course at the end of the video, because John doesn't have any. This is an obligation-free video that's filled with tons of knowledge to help you navigate your life better!

2. I've been burned before! I've seen webinars from Fake Gurus with no value and only a pitch to buy their course. How is this different?

Yes! I’ll send you a recording after you sign up. But I suggest that you watch it all at once to take full advantage of my workshop. It’s going to be one of the most valuable and life-changing sessions you’ve ever attended. 

3. Can I come back to it?

Hi, I'm John Douglas and I am a High-Impact Consultant.


What's that you ask? Put simply, I make a meaningful change in people's lives. I guide people to a life where they don't have to stress about money or work jobs they hate just for the paycheck. 


If you study the most successful people in the world, you’ll find that they have one thing in common — almost all of them had a mentor! Why? You see, the biggest obstacle to your success is not other people but your own limiting beliefs. You need a mentor who can free you from limiting mindsets and set you on a path to success. 


I have played the role of a mentor to many successful men and women, releasing them from the shackles of their minds and helping them reach their financial goals. If you feel like money is stressing you out, if you don’t know what it takes to increase your earning potential, and if you’re open to learning new ideas and understanding how money works, then my guidance will change your life.

Do you feel stuck in life, like you don't feel in control of your destiny and you're just a spectator? You just see days and weeks pass by and you're just going with the flow. 


But deep down, you know that this is not what you had in mind when you were younger. You know that you deserve a better life but you just can't get out of your present situation.


Trust me, I know how that feels! I've been in the exact position you are in. I've struggled with a limiting mindset and was paid less than what I was worth. 


But everything changed when I met my mentor. He opened my eyes to a world of unlimited possibilities. I truly felt free and gained the confidence that the life I wanted was within my grasp. With the wisdom I received from him, powered with a new growth mindset, I was able to double my income in just 1 month. 


Now, I want the same change in your life as well. I want you to enjoy the freedom that I enjoy. And, it all depends on you. Are you willing to learn something new and take action? I can't make the choice for you but I pray you make the right one and take the next step towards a better future.


Yours Sincerely,


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